Fast, efficient, stable and huge SPRX built for your PS3 gaming pleasure, with the best Anti Modder Protections you can find anywhere!

SUMMER SALE - Use code LTS10 at checkout to get a 35% discount!

  • $15.99
  • $20.99

This menu has a vast range of unique options, mods for your player, mods for your vehicles, mods for other players and even mods for every ped/vehicle/object you spawn! It supports a range of different designs to your choice, many types of protection against other modders, as well many more extra perks.

You get 3 different SPRX menus, and can use any at one time!

  • Version 2 Mod Menu: For casual playing, lots of FUN/trolling options, best protection you can find against nasty stuff, etc.
  • Version 3 Mod Menu: Designed for creative people who like to make their own stuff.
  • Recovery Mod Menu: For people doing Recoveries.


  • Jailbroken PS3 Required: Yes
  • CEX Supported: YES
  • DEX Supported: YES
  • HEN Supported: YES
  • Version Supported: 1.27/1.28
  • BLES Supported: Yes
  • BLUS Supported: Yes


  • Vehicle customisation: Yes
  • Advanced Protection From Other Modders: Yes
  • Force animations on other players: Yes
  • Teleport other players: Yes
  • Freeze protection (Taxi, Hotknife etc.): Yes
  • Change model: Yes
  • Spawn vehicles: Yes
  • Spawn pedestrians: Yes
  • Play character animations: Yes
  • Teleport: Yes
  • Modified weapons: Yes
  • Account (Money, Rank, Unlocks, DLC): Yes
  • Spawn objects: Yes
  • Change weather: Yes
  • Online Trolling: Yes
  • Vehicle Editor: Yes
  • Garage Editor: Yes
  • Recovery Menu: Yes
  • & a hell of a lot more!


LTS is by far one of the best menus if not the best, very good stability and protections. It also has many options that are very fun the vehicle multiiers work the best on LTS no menu comes close to how good they are. LTS is a non skid menu so can't really mess a player up except demand by holdimg square on Give RP. Can fix disabled accounts and the recovery sprx is the best because you can configure a recovery so when you press perfect recovery it'll apply all in the configuration. There are many more great features so be sure to check the SPRX out or the tool!!

3 years ago


Best Menu Out There Right Now And It Gives Us Modders So Many Options To Troll People And Also Its Great For Trolling Modders I Definetly Say That This Is The Best 10/10

4 years ago


Well worth it great menu i am in love with it i had a few issues here and there but they where my fault not the menus

4 years ago


Overall, excellent!!! I'm very happy I got what I paid for

4 years ago


best sprx menu i ever got yanks

4 years ago


Bought this menu way back when it had first came out. After recent methods of jailbreaking came out I decided to jailbreak an old PS3 laying around. I have been using free SPRX menus until I seen a video on this menu and remembered I had already purchased this a long time ago. Such a big improvement from before. Love it!

4 years ago


LTS one of the best menu or best of all, now with this new update was very good, I enjoyed it very much. I just wanted the next update to bring the dress editor to other players.

4 years ago


amazing! worth it 100% would recommend! good job guys!

5 years ago


Love the LTS Sprx ;) By far the best out there, highly recommend ;) this menu does exactly what it says on the tin ;) YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ;) v2 SPRX Menu is great as a beginner menu if your just starting up ;) v3 is for the more advanced people ;) (I personally have used v3 as yet but will be trying it in the future), just to top things off on this review.. LTS IS THE BEST MOD MENU YOUR GONNA FIND 100% Highly Recommend ;)

5 years ago


I pissed myself when i turned into a fish 10 stars.

5 years ago


LTS has been by far one of thee best sprx I have ever used. Highly recommended for the best experience for gta v.

5 years ago


Best Mod Menu out there. I love how easy it is to use and how fun it can be whil using it!!!!

5 years ago


For sure the Best in GTA Community! For two years I have only used LTS Products, constantly updated with new features. Excellent quality/price ratio. Council!

5 years ago


Not only is this the best SPRX I've ever used(have used it for over a year now), the LTS team also has the fastest and most responsive staff to help with any issues people may run into.

5 years ago


Not really enough you can say about the LTS team. Amazing menus, plural, cause instead of cramming all categories into one menu therefore getting a little bit of each, you get 3 menus each for whatever you're heart desires! Full fun menu, full creativity menu and best recovery menu. Best protection, awesome options and it really has everything the hardworking team has built it all. And hats off to Jay for hard work and providing us with a top notch script loader including the best menus! My opinion most helpful chat moderators you come across really this dedicated staff has outdone themselves and never disappoints I couldn't be more satisfied!👍👍 Unless they added a sixth star for the review 😁

5 years ago


very good menu one of the best in my opinion im just tryna figure out to restore the setting back to normal after i change the controls

5 years ago


All I can say is owowowo you guys rock best menus I've used and not to say great communication easy to use.... thxxx great job guys ...........YANNYKUSH

5 years ago


I don't know how to describe this menu with a description that will best fit it. This menu makes me feel like god of all modders when I use it. Other modders cant do anything to you when you are online with a LTS sprx, it has the absolute best protection on the market. The support from the devolopers is above par and you can pretty much talk to someone at anytime by coming to the website and shouting on the dashboard or opening a ticket. Wiith this menu you can build anything you want, custom cars. houses, transformers, crazy fly machines, you can make santas sled and raindeers, you can finish building the incomplete buildings on gta. whatever you want to do you name it you can do it you can fill a bus full of anycharacter you want all with every weapon on god mode and make them all protect you and drive around with them, you can spawn chop and make him follow you around. you can modify every last thing on your vehicles. this menu if it was a drug I would say its heroin because its something you have you have and once you use it your never going to be able to stop, theres no getting rid of it and trying another brand this is the best heroin around and the guys selling it are too!

5 years ago


I have used it for almost a year now i never got ban using this mod menu all the best love LTS!

5 years ago


The BEST SPRX available on the market, insane features, and if you pay the SPRX you will get 3 different versions. The V3 to make my own stuff, i use for experimental modding. The V2 to have fun with my friends, the easiest version. And the Recovery, to make recoveries. You can customize your own settings of the SPRX on the website General Settings (Customization of spawned vehicles & Opening Buttons). GUI Design (You can use 1 of 3 designs available). Startup Settings (The options auto-enable when you Login in game). And Recovery Settings (To setup your own recovery config). The protections are the best. You can't find a better SPRX than the LTS. I'm in love with the LTS SPRX menu. ^_^

5 years ago

    Changelog 2.8.2
  • Added Ninja Mode In Settings Submenu - Will block certain freezes from some skid scripts
  • Added Block Spam In Settings Submenu - Will block text message spam and other annoyances (only enable it while you're in a lobby and receive spam! Disable when not needed.)
  • PSN Joiner In Lobby Submenu(Join player by entering their name, loading names from a file or recent met list, press square "PSN Joiner" To save current players you can edit the file manually using filezilla etc, it will be read each time you load the submenu)
  • Force Join Blocker
  • Lobby Host Display Toggle In Misc Submenu
  • Added Delay For Notification Messages To Prevent Spam
  • Added Delay For Protection Messages To Prevent Spam
  • Blocked More Fake Leave ID's
  • Added More Freeze Protections Against Skid Scripts
  • Updated Modder Detection
  • Player ESP Now Highlights Players In Red Instead Of Blue
  • Dev notes: For best protection against freezes, (most of them are filtered automatically and you dont need to do anything) have following options enabled: Anti Modder, Entity blocker ( Peds + Clones, Pickups, Trailers + Trains, Boats + Submarines, Cars and Planes if you're getting spammed), With these you dont need Clones, Object Attach Protections, or Vehicle antifreeze Enabled all the time
    Changelog 2.8.1 Anniversary + Anti Skid Update
  • Added Protections Against Every Known Freeze From skid Menus (if you find any that work let me know ASAP)
  • Added Force Host, in Settings (Game restart required after enabling)
  • Added Auto exit Game if frozen, in Settings (Will do it automatically if the game is unresponsive)
  • Added God Mode detections and checks
  • Fixed issue with notifications
  • Network Entity Blocker will load last settings on startup
  • Improved Freeze attempt detection
  • Improved Modder detections ( If you notice someone falsely flagged let me know, regular players use some functions that modders abuse)
  • Improved Modder Protection
  • Tuned up auto kick modders ( will only work if detected mod is used on you)
  • Sorted login issues from the previous update
  • Reduced memory usage from some options
  • Internal fixes tune-ups etc.
  • Changelog 2.8
  • Added A Toggle For Smaller Gui For The Menu In Settings
  • Added Toggle For Menu Background In Settings
  • Added Change Lobby Option In Misc
  • Patched Some Modder Detections
  • Added More Modder Detections
  • Added Eboot Check For Other Players
  • Improved Some Kick Types And Added New Ones Under Existing Kick Option
  • Added More Triggers For Auto Kick Modders
  • Updated Player Name Tags
  • Added Rce Protection
  • Fixed An Rare Issue Where The Country And Player Ip Would Stop Showing
  • Fixed Some Reported Bugs With Remote Recovery Giving Stats
  • Added Garage Saveable Vehicles (You Can Spawn Any Vehicle And Give It To Other Players)
  • Improved Text Messaging With New Options (Use Square On Send Message Option)
  • Added Text Message Spoof For Trolling( Use Square On Send Message Option)
  • (Tip: If You Press Select On Your Controller While Entering A Custom Text, It Will Be Saved For Future Use)
  • Added Network Entity Blocker In Settings ( You Wont See Stuff Spawned By Other Players)
  • Fixed An Issue In Blus Version Where Some Addressess Were Not Updated Properly Which Would Cause Freezing.
  • Added Hen/Cex Support For Blus
  • Removed Some Now Useless Stuff To Increase Menu And Fps Stability
  • Added More Anti-Freezes (And For The Million Time, If Someone Can Freeze You Please Report To Us So We Can Patch It.)
  • Optimized Many Options And Removed Useless Stuff From Them
  • Added official support for HEN and CEX Consoles.
  • Fixed issues with Ant-iFreeze options colliding with some garage vehicles during Login.
  • Player Info is now shown in all Online player submenus.
  • Made Anti-Modder notifications more consistent

  • We're proud to give you the official HEN & CEX Consoles support!
    Make sure you have webMAN running (We suggest using Rebug CFW that has it included by default).
    HEN should run without issues. If you find any, let us know in a ticket.
    Since we can't keep track of what skid menu freezes who, if you would like us to add more anti-freezes, tell us what menu does it in a ticket, and it will be patched after testing.
    We're also looking for a fresh batch of testers that will helps us make LTS products better for everyone. Contact in a ticket for more info!
    Because of increased interest, we've decided to make the current sale last longer, so if you buy two or more products in one checkout you will get a 30% discount,( You can get 2 SPRX licenses for 20USD, or LTS Tool + SPRX for 23 USD). Use code LTS30 at checkout.
  • Reworked the entire menu base to add support for translations.
  • Greatly reduced memory usage to allow room for more options in the future.
  • Fixed GUI issue with "Show real modder name" in info panel overlapping with show player country
  • More Anti-freeze Options

  • (If you're aware of any skid menus that can freeze LTS let us know in the ticket so it can be patched!).
    To update, or use the translated version, just replace the LTS_BLES.sprx file in your /tmp/ directory
    Info regarding translations:
    Due to great number of requests and suggestions, we've decided to enhance current menu base to support translations to your local language, for better convenience.
    Because of the work involved, and after consulting many of our users, We've chosen to let all new SPRX License owners get the translation support for free.
    However, all current License owners will be required to purchase an one time license upgrade for 5.99 USD, think of it as a way to show your support for giving you free updates for 4 years.
    Your support for future development and maintenance/server costs is greatly appreciated.
    If you have an issue with our decision, you can continue using the SPRX in English without any restrictions.
    First translated release will be in Portuguese/Brazilian, we will release more in the coming days/weeks, depending on shown interest, so if you wish to see SPRX translated to your Language, let us know in the tickets!
    This current model is now in testing phase, some words might be wrong, if you have suggestions or notice any bugs let us know in the support tickets.
  • Show player country info is now on by default
  • Player IPs are now finally displayed on player info, after a million requests
  • Added new non host kick type (inside existing kick option)
  • Updated Freeze protections from skid menus (if you find some new freeze ways, let us know so we can patch them!)
  • Updated Fix for disable account by skid menus (to enable account press R3 on char select screen)
  • Added freeze attempt detection for some types of freezes
  • Added kick detection for some types of kicks (may cause some false positives, but still very useful)
  • Added LTS logo from V3 on startup
  • Added a 10 sec delay for Vehicle Anti Freeze on login
  • Removed/Tuned up some obsolete options
  • Menu will run lag free with no FPS drops (not counting the lag caused by the game itself)

  • More options coming soon, send suggestions on our website
    If you're interested in having LTS translated to your language let us know
  • Added Admin Kick (Will Remove Any Player From The Lobby)
  • Added Custom Input To Give Money Directly To Others
  • Added Crew Rank To Self And Remote Recovery
  • Passive/Godmode In Trolling Will Kill Any Modder
  • Updated Fake Leave
  • Auto Kick Modders In Misc. (Only Kicks When Someone Is Using Detected Mods On You)
  • Added Weather Change Protection/Detection To Anti-Modder
  • Enable Accounts Disabled By Skid Menus (Load Choose Character And Press R3)
  • Fixed A Random Occurance Of Freezing On Login
  • Godmode Is Now Less Detectable
  • Optimized Blue Boxes
  • Improved Anti-Modder Options
  • Improved Modder Detection
  • Improved Menu Stability

  • Due to new optimizations to save memory some existing options may have issues if you find any contact us immediately.

    Thanks to all the testers and everyone that submitted bugs and suggestions, keep 'em coming!
  • Added Account Recovery For Online Players:
    • -Rank
    • -250 Mil Money Gift (They Receive The Full Amount After Going To Story And Back Online)
    • -Edit Kills/Death
    • -Give Armor/Snacks
    • -Give Modded Stats (Modded Rolls, No Recoil, Increased Ammo Etc...)
    • -Remove Modded Stats (Modded Rolls, No Recoil, Increased Ammo Etc...)
    • -Heist/LSC Unlocks Etc..
  • Added Vehicle Magnet In Trolling Options
  • Weather Changes Are Now Visible To Everyone In The Lobby
  • Added "Show Who Muted You" Icon In Player Info
  • Added Exclude Friends For All Players Option In Settings
  • Added Clone Vehicle For Online Players Vehicles
  • Added Show Country/ISP To Player Info (Enable In Misc)
  • Added A Patch For Timeouts To Reduce Timeout Chance
  • Added Give Player Teleport Gun
  • Added Give Player FX Gun
  • Added More Modder Protections And Notifications When Modders Do Something To You
  • Player List Will Have A Prefix For Friends And Hosts
  • Improved Player Info Display
  • Improved Clone Protection
  • Improved Vehicle Freeze Protection From Skid Menus (If You Know Any Menu That Can Freeze LTS Let Me Know!)
  • Fixed Vehicle Upgrade Submenus
  • Improved Deletion Of Nearby/Attached Vehicles
  • Fixed Info Panel Relation To The Safe Zone Size
  • Fixed An Issue With Controls Being Unresponsive In Some Situations
  • Reworked All Anti Modder Options With Many Fixes And Improvements
  • Reworked A Lot Of Options To Be More Effective

  • Due to new optimizations to save memory some existing options may have issues if you find any contact us immediately.

    Thanks to all the testers and everyone that submitted bugs and suggestions, keep 'em coming!
  • Refined And Updated Vehicle Antifreeze
  • Added More Freeze Protections Against Skid Menus
  • Improved Modder Detection On Player Info
  • Added Custom Input Level For Other Players
  • Added Vote Kick Detection To Anti-Modder Option (Shows Who Voted To Kick You)
  • While Hash Gun Is Enabled You Can Press R1 To Open Object Editor
  • Last Spawned Object Editor In Objects Submenu
  • Clear Wanted For Other Players Is Now Never Wanted
  • Added Ejection Seat For Online Players Vehicles
  • Custom Open Menu Binds From The SPRX Settings On LTS Website
  • Added Collision Toggle For Spawned Objects (For Object Bypass Objects Etc)
  • Player Info Will Be Shown Inside Player Submenu/Activities Submenu
  • Fixed Issues With Aim Protection (Water, Fire, Skydive)
  • IMPORTANT: LTS_Maps Folder Should Now Be Inside dev_hdd0/tmp/LTS/LTS_Maps
  • IMPORTANT2: Anti-Modder Option In Settings Is An All-In-One Protection Against Other Modders
    Non-Host kick, All Types of Activities/RP/Money, Animations, Player FX, Explosions, Freeze Tasks and much more
    You will also get a notification each time someone tries to do any of those things on you.
    If you know any Freeze methods that are not covered by the new Anti-Freeze option let me know ASAP so I can patch them
  • Unpatched RP/Rank giving to other players
  • Unpatched Direct Money giving to other players
  • Added Send Players to Ferris Wheel ride
  • Added Inferno Man V1 in Fun
  • Added Skydive to Aim Protection
  • Added a Real Fire FX to Existing List
  • Jetpack Will now levitate while idle
  • Patched Annoying Facebook Pop-Up
  • Fixed An issue with color settings for the menu
  • HOTFix for BLUS not working
  • Give RP/Rank to other players (Use left/right dpad to change value)
  • Added non host kick to existing kick option
  • Added set 2b bounty to
  • Added force leave lobby to
  • Added send golfing
  • Added eavesdrop players
  • Added gift money
  • Added freeze camera
  • Added Clear Wanted
  • Added Airstrike Flare
  • Added Heli Backup
  • Added Heli Pickup
  • Added Bullshark Drop
  • Added Ammo Drop
  • Added Crate Drop
  • Added Armored Van Spawn
  • Added Invite To Your Apt
  • Added Invite You Into Their
  • Added Force Into your Apt
  • Added Arm Wrestle
  • Added Darts
  • Added Start Deathmatch
  • Added Send Mugger
  • Added Send Mercenaries
  • Fixed reported issues with the new modder protection
  • Anti-Modder protections are fine-tuned to allow legitimate requests and notify you of nasty ones, including the player doing them -
  • Some of the included are: Non-Host kick, Money/RP giving, Lobby spam, Fake leave, Freeze camera, various activities etc (if I missed something let us know)
  • Fixed Disable Lockon timer
  • Optimized some options and freed bunch of memory for future updates
  • Added Support For GTA Update 1.27 (Online 1.28
  • Tuned Up Handling Presets
  • Fixed Teleport When FX Are Disabled
  • Tuned Up Modded Stats
  • Fixed Crush Vehicle Timeout
  • Slowed Armor Regen
  • Added Spoofed Name Detection To Player Info
  • Added Sound Attach Protection To Anti Modder
  • Added Player Attachment Protection To Anti Modder
  • Player Info Is Now Relative To Safe Zone (So Its Always Next To The Map)
  • Added Full Body Attach
  • Excluded Throwables From Random Attacking Ped/Riot Mode/Bodyguards
  • Disabled Jump Bind When Menu Is Open
  • Fixed Reported UI Issues And Typos
  • Replaced Some FX With New Ones
  • Anti-Idle Kick Doesn't Need To Be Re-Enabled After Lobby Change
  • Added Hoverboard in Fun
  • Added Ingition Bomb in Online Player Vehicles
  • Added Player Info From V3
  • Added Pop Tires in Online Players Vehicles
  • Added Random Attacking/Tazing Peds To Trolling
  • Added Remote Control To Online Player Vehicles
  • Added Skydive In Trolling
  • Added Spectate Player
  • Added Teleport Players To Waypoint
  • Added Tow Vehicle in Online Players Vehicles
  • Added ~30 More Fx's For Online Players
  • Anti-Modder / Modder Detection Improved
  • Added Remove FX From Options In Misc (From Jetpack, Hoverboard, Teleport etc)
  • Boost & Brake Binds Improved
  • Disabled Annoying Cinematic Camera When Near Friends
  • Drive On Air Greatly Improved And Tuned Up Other Drive Types
  • Fixed Bone Selection On Custom Object Attach
  • Fixed GUI Issues/Removed Disabled Options
  • Fixed Give All Weapons Issues
  • Fixed Random Freezes on BLUS version
  • Money Gun For Players Spawns 40K Now
  • Object Protection & Remove Nearby Props Further Improved
  • Reworked FX Guns Menu
  • Reworked Online Players > Vehicle Options
  • Tuned Up Disabled Controls While Menu Is Open (Can Access Weapons, Disabled Cover Etc.)
  • Tuned Up Handling Editor
  • Tuned Up Jetpack
  • Tuned Up Max Upgrades
  • Tuned Up Constant TP to Waypoint so it doesn't spawn you under the map
  • Tuneup On Ped And Vehicle Guns
  • Stability/Lag Improvement
  • Recovery:
  • Added total time to playing time
  • Added contact unlocks
  • Added Rob All Shops
  • Fixed typo on Fast run stat (Under modded stats)
  • Godmode enabled by default
  • Added Teleport Player/All-players on foot
  • Added Forced task animations on Player/All-players
  • Added more Particle FX
  • Added more Animations
  • Added Forced animations protection for yourself in Anti-Modder
  • Added Forced teleport protection for yourself in Anti-Modder
  • Added Disable Particle FX from other players in Anti-Modder
  • Tuned up Particle FX Gun
  • Restored Talking players like it was before but without the background
  • Fixed No idle kick
  • Show host in misc menu shows real host
  • Improved give all weapons to player/s(should't freeze at all now)
  • All Particles FX are now visible to others(Teleport effects, ParticleFX guns etc...)
  • Particle effects on Players
  • Optimized Vehicle protection AKA Taxi Anti-freeze (and also other vehicles kids abuse)
  • Added various Anti modder options such as Anti- freeze task, various explosions, forcefield, kick from vehicle, take weapons, anything to your vehicle etc...
  • Visible car neons(Night time only)
  • Enable 2 Billion Bounty On Yourself (Will make a full bounty menu next update)
  • Tuned Up Vehicle Crush
  • Added random animations for nearby peds
  • Added hydraulics for nearby cars
  • Removed background on "is player talking" and made the text smaller per users request
  • Added a simple "show player money"
  • Fixed issue with not being able to enter player submenu on some rare occasions
  • Optimized teleport to players
  • Added Kamikazee to trolling options
  • Added Forcefield on other players
  • New Custom Vehicle
  • (Main & Recovery) Made add money work with any amount
  • Fixed Enabling for Vehicle Attach Protection
  • Redone Scenarios Menu
  • Tuned up Money Drop
  • Fixed Speedometer overlapping
  • Disabled Controls while hydraulics are active (While square is pressed)
  • Show host now shows real host
  • Improved Hostage
  • Improved grab n throw
  • Improved Riot mode
  • PSN Name Spoofer is now off by default (Make sure you replace the LTS_Settings.ini from the Setup rar)
  • (Lobby)Remove Nearby Vehicles
  • (Lobby)Remove Nearby Peds
  • (Lobby)Remove Nearby Props
  • (Lobby)Lockon In Freeaim Lobby
  • (Lobby)Disable Lockon On Me
  • (Setings) PSN Spoofer
  • Improved Freeze ps3 protection from attached vehicles (If your friends see spawned vehicles as broken, disable Vehicle attach protection in settings)
  • Improved Monster Dozer
  • Improved Hydraulics
  • Improved Max upgrades
  • Added notifications to some options for better convenience.
  • (Recovery & Main) Improved auto skip tutorial (Works best if tutorial never started, e.g. you are creating the online char yourself)
  • (Recovery & Main) Fixed menu login prompt when in character create screen
  • (Recovery) Fixed issues with adding some vehicles to garage
  • (Recovery) fixed auto skip tutorial
  • Added Freeze PS3 protection from other modders
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Replaced temp bad sport with bad sport toggle
  • Added a toggle for one shot kill
  • Fixed disable money drop on all players
  • Tuned up hijack vehicle
  • Tuned up detach from player vehicle
  • Tuned up delete vehicle
  • Tuned up crash vehicle
  • Tuned up online players set vehicle godmode
  • Various fixes/improvements to many options
  • Stay tuned for the next update with GUI selection options and massive SPRX menu overhaul.
  • (Recov) Capped Limits to 1B
  • (Recov) Fixed Menu Selection Bug On Signin
  • Added Monster Dozer
  • Added Armoured Adder
  • Added Rain Weapons
  • Added Rain Rockets
  • Fixed Explode Nearby Vehicles
  • Fixed Disabling No Cops
  • Fixed Lava Prop
  • Fixed Delete Players Vehicle
  • Fixed Drive On Walls
  • Fixed Custom Drop Money
  • Fixed Jetpack
  • Fixed Seats Menu
  • Fixed Ped Manager Issues
  • Fixed Clothes Store Issue
  • Fixed Wipeout
  • Fixed Map GUI Issue
  • Fixed Duplicator Gun (Vehicles)
  • Fixed Give All Weapons (All Players)
  • Improved Lobby Money Drop (Ignores Yourself)
  • Improved Shark attack
  • Improved Recharge Health & Armour
  • Improved Refresh Map
  • Improved Vehicle Protect
  • Improved Spam Message Speed
  • Improved Explode Player Loop Speed
  • Improved Speedometer
  • Improved Drive On Water
  • Improved Chauffeur
  • Added Freeze Prevention Limitation
  • Added Clone Protection
  • Added Prop Attach Protection
  • Added [HOST] Infront Of Host Name
  • Added Attach to vehicle
  • Added Options disable when player leaves
  • Added Teleport +/-1f XYZ
  • Added Refresh Area (Fixes various issues)
  • Added Controls only show once
  • Fixed Move/Rotate Attached Objects on Players
  • Fixed Give Weapons Freezing
  • Fixed Disable Money (All Players)
  • Fixed All Players explode loop freeze
  • Improved Jet Swarm
  • Improved RGB Selector
  • Improved Blue Boxes (Ignores Yourself)
  • Added Freeze Prevention Limitation
  • Added Clone Protection
  • Added Prop Attach Protection
  • Added [HOST] Infront Of Host Name
  • Added Attach to vehicle
  • Added Options disable when player leaves
  • Added Teleport +/-1f XYZ
  • Added Refresh Area (Fixes various issues)
  • Added Controls only show once
  • Fixed Move/Rotate Attached Objects on Players
  • Fixed Give Weapons Freezing
  • Fixed Disable Money (All Players)
  • Fixed All Players explode loop freeze
  • Improved Jet Swarm
  • Improved RGB Selector
  • Improved Blue Boxes (Ignores Yourself)
  • Money Drop Ban Bypass
  • Added Change Identity Gun
  • Fixed Money Drop All Lobby Bug
  • Fixed Chauffeur Bug
  • Fixed LSC Bug
  • Fixed Number Plate Max Limit
  • Fixed Spam Message
  • Halfed Money Delay (Don't blame us if you freeze!)
  • Tuned up money drops to reduce detection
  • Cougar Ride changes you to Online Player
  • Imprved Off The Radar (No need to call lester)
  • Imprved Riot Mode
  • Imprved Teleport (Quicker Load)
  • Added Weapon Editor
  • Added Handling Editor
  • Added Player Markers
  • Added Piggyback Ride
  • Added Player Name Submenu
  • Added One Shot One Kill
  • Added Fire Gun
  • Added Delete Gun
  • Added Object Editor
  • Added Clear Cops
  • Added Super Swim
  • Added Refresh Player
  • Added Temporary Bad Sport Toggle
  • Updated to support GTA 1.26
  • Fixed name changer
  • Fixed drive type menu
  • Fixed some props not attaching
  • Overhauled the menu to reduce memory usage and improve stability
  • Included Seperate SPRX for Recoveries
  • Added Train Trailer On Custom Vehicle
  • Added Vehicle Gun Pitch
  • Added Ped Gun Pitch
  • Added Drive In Water
  • Added Spawn Vehicle for Player
  • Added Attachable Menu for Players
  • Added Object Editor
  • Added More Objects
  • Added Cage Trap
  • Improved Wipeout
  • Restructured Base
  • Fixed Riotmode/Wheel Of Doom Bug
  • Fixed Hash Gun
  • Fixed Power/Torque Multiplier
  • Fixed Ped Manager Checkboxes
  • Fixed Maps Freezing
  • Fixed Auto Skip Tutorial (Change Session)
  • Fixed Drive On Water
  • Added Details Save
  • Added Jet Swarm
  • Added Tank Swarm
  • Added 15 Teleport IPLs
  • Added Rat Ramp (Custom Vehicle)
  • Added Destruction Derby (Custom Vehicle)
  • Added Train (Custom Vehicle)
  • Added Bullshark Enabler
  • Added Dominos
  • Added Car Crush
  • Added Ped Hostage
  • Added Ped Drag n Throw
  • Changed Perfect Recovery Settings (Site)
  • Fixed Super Punch
  • Fixed Superman
  • Fixed Outfits for Male Characters
  • Fixed First Person In Vehicle
  • Fixed Clear Everything In Area.
  • Fixed Clear Vehicles In Area.
  • Fixed Clear Peds In Area.
  • Fixed Clear Props In Area. (Currently not your own)
  • Fixed Online Players Checkboxes
  • Fixed Teleport To Last Vehicle
  • Fixed Losing Weapons On Change Model
  • Improved Riot Mode
  • Improved Hash Gun
  • Improved Unlimited Ammo
  • Added Load Custom Maps (Activity Map Converter Support)
  • Added Los Santos Customs Bypass
  • Added Steal Clothes
  • Added Explosion Loop
  • Added Teleport To Me
  • Added Spam Message
  • Added More Custom Vehicles
  • Added Road Wars (L3 Shoot)
  • Added More Objects
  • Added Attach Object
  • Added Passive Kill
  • Added Wipeout
  • Added Drop Money (Object)
  • Added Drop Parachute
  • Added Drop Player Health
  • Added Drop Player Armour
  • Added Drop Vehicle Health
  • Added Drop Vehicle Armour
  • Added Custom Weapons for other players
  • Added Startup Mods (Control Panel)
  • Added BLUS Support
  • Shoot/Punch in Garage/Apartment Toggle
  • One million drop changed to constant drop.
  • Added Drive On Walls.
  • Added Drive On Air.
  • Added More Vehicles.
  • Added No Ragdoll.
  • Added No Fall Off Vehicle.
  • Added Unlimited Off The Radar.
  • Added Vehicle Jump.
  • Added Vehicle No Collision.
  • Added Bind Instant Stop.
  • Added Flip Car Upright.
  • Added Vehicle Hydraulics.
  • Added Seat Changer.
  • Added Custom Vehicle Power.
  • Added Custom Vehicle Torque.
  • Added Clear Turrents.
  • Added Clear Everything In Area.
  • Added Clear Props In Area.
  • Added Clear Vehicles In Area.
  • Added Clear Peds In Area.
  • Added Load Custom Script.
  • Added Kill Custom Script.
  • Added Who is host?
  • Added Super Run
  • Added First Person
  • Added Wheelie Rebel
  • Added Super Punch
  • Added Detach Object
  • Added Reset To Online Player
  • Added Clean Player
  • Added Wheel Of Doom
  • Added Model Change Effect
  • Added Auto Skip Tutorial
  • Added Outfits Menu
  • Added Day Time/Night Time
  • Added More Models
  • Added Riot Mode
  • Added Superman
  • Vehicle Godmode Fixed
  • Objects spawned are now visible to other players
  • Teleport Gun Enabled
  • Nuke Gun Enabled
  • Money Gun Enabled
  • Forcefield Added
  • Godmode/Invisible/UnlimitedAmmo auto disabling fixed
  • Vehicle Rockets Delay added to reduce freezing
  • Vehicle Rockets Binds changed to L3 + R2
  • Added 150+ Scenarios
  • Block view aim protection fixed
  • Drive on water Fixed
  • Clones visible to others
  • Added Hash Gun
  • Added Duplicator Gun
  • Fixed Draw line to selected player
  • Fixed Drive Train
  • Fixed Sign in issue for people with spaces in their username. If you have a username with a space in it will automatically conver to %20
  • Godmode Improved
  • R1 + Circle to open menu (Was clashes with other menus)
  • Rain money delay to reduce freezing
  • Flyable UFO Fixed
  • Fixed Invisible disabling after teleporting
  • Fixed Unlimited Ammo disabling
  • Fixed Snowman Disable
  • Rocket Turrent has a delay to reduce freezing
  • Changed money drop to 40k
  • Invisible vehicle fixed so you can enter/leave it
  • Account Armour Fixed
  • Added Teleport To CLosest Vehicle
  • Added Teleport To Last Vehicle
  • Added Hijack Vehicle
  • Added Draw line to person selected in Online Menu (Settings)
  • Aim Protection Block View reduced freezing
  • Added Patriot Smoke
Many more updates & improvements coming soon, make sure to submit bugs/suggestions
Initial Release

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