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There are already over 5,000 players who use LTS Tool, and you can talk to them in the chatbox. Many people use it to do recoveries, others just use it for fun, due to the ability to modify almost every aspect of the game. The Tool works on both CCAPI & TMAPI however we advise you to use TMAPI for better response/stability.


  • Jailbroken PS3 Required: Yes
  • CCAPI Supported: Yes
  • TMAPI Supported: Yes
  • Version Supported: 1.27/1.28
  • BLES Supported: Yes
  • BLUS Supported: Yes


  • Protection from freeze tools: Yes
  • Bounties Editor: Yes
  • Teleport other players: Yes
  • Vehicle customisation: Yes
  • Change models: Yes
  • Spawn vehicles: Yes
  • Spawn pedestrians: Yes
  • Play character animations: Yes
  • Edit your garage: Yes
  • Best Freeze Protection: Yes
  • Create maps with objects: Yes
  • Teleport: Yes
  • Modified weapons: Yes
  • Edit vehicle handling: Yes
  • Account (Money, Rank, Unlocks, DLC): Yes
  • Spawn objects: Yes
  • Change weather: Yes
  • & a hell of a lot more!


Absolutely the best Recovery tool out there, i use both sprx and rtm tool and have tons of fun trolling modders who like to boot people and and spawn B.S. everywhere. 10/10 you need this!!!!

1 year ago


Tool Is Just Amazing , So Many Options And Stuff To Have Fun , And Staff Is Very Nice And Helpful

2 years ago


Best GTA5 tool out there im just waiting on the update too be released so i can use it again. Amazing Tool i fully recommend anyone too pay for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago


I love your products and I think you LTS for everything

2 years ago


I Bought this in 2016/2015 and i'm only now leaving a review as I've been 2 busy modding lol... FairPlay this is the best RTM out there 10/10 deffo would recommend this to anyone.

2 years ago


Best GTA Recovery tool. It possible can't get better than this. It's very stable, quick responding time, very clean, simple to use, so much different categories. LTS tool makes modding so much easier especially when modding accounts. Nice work on this fabulous tool Beach & Rul3z Well Done!

2 years ago


Love it! This tool does everything I need it to do. The new protection it offers works very well. I can remove any object or vehicle from game that noobs use to freeze others. The outfit editor is awesome, I can save all my modded outfits to load on other accounts. Garage Editor makes it easy for modding the garage on new accounts. All the account option are awesome for recoveries. Stats, rank, money, and other account options can be done at character select screen flawlessly. And thats just for starters.

2 years ago

  • Added Ability To Add/Remove Any Amount Of Cash To/From Wallet/Bank (Use At Own Risk)
  • Added Air Strike In Extra/Misc
  • Added All Vehicles To Headlight Color Changer
  • Added Anims Force On Other Players (LTS SPRX Users Only!)
  • Added Backup Heli In Extra/Misc
  • Added Bounty Editor For Players And Yourself
  • Added Cops Turn Blind Eye
  • Added Custom Input For Garage Editor
  • Added Disable Lock On For Yourself In Extra/Misc
  • Added Enable Lock On In Freeaim Lobby In Extra/Misc
  • Added Fonts And Size For Text Messages
  • Added Garage Editor RGB Color
  • Added Missing Award Unlocks
  • Added Players Info In Clients Tab
  • Added Purchase Properties In Recovery/Career
  • Added Remove Any Object/Model Used To Freeze/Lag The Game By Hash Or Presets, In Extra/Anti-Freeze
  • Added Remove Any Vehicle Option For Vehicle Freeze Prevention, In Extra/Anti-Freeze
  • Added Remove Attached Vehicles in Clients menu
  • Added Reveal Players
  • Added Save Changes To Garage Editor
  • Added Shoot Through Walls In Extra/Misc
  • Added Teleport Players To Me (Foot&Vehicle)
  • Fixed "Guns" Collision With Sprx Menus
  • Fixed Fake Leave Lobby Issues And Moved It To Player Options
  • Fixed Fireworks Not Saving (default value was too high)
  • Fixed Issues With Nextgen Vehicles Transfer
  • Fixed Map Creator Issues (Coords Fixed, Added Close Button)
  • Fixed No Idle Kick
  • Fixed Searchboxes On Various Options
  • Fixed Some Cases Of Client List Not Showing Names If Players Used Name Changer
  • Garage Editor Nextgen Vehicles Removed By Default To Avoid Confusion
  • Garage Editor Tuneup And Optimization
  • Improved Click On Map Teleport In Teleport Tab
  • Improved Remove Water To Remove It From Entire Map
  • Modded Stats Tuned Up
  • Playing Times Tuneup
  • PS3Lib 4.5.1 Set as default one (For CCAPI 2.70)
  • Removed Rank Limit, You Can Set Any Rank Up To 8000 (Use At Own Risk)
  • Show Host Now Shows Real Lobby Host
  • Tuned Up Tunables Presets
  • Unpatched Invisibility Hotfix
  • Unpatched Rank Change Freezing
  • Updated Invite Player (Invite Any Player By Typing Their Psn Name, Even If You Don't Have Them As Friends)
  • Updated NetSeal Loader
  • Updated Nextgen Vehicles List For Garage Editor With Latest DLC
  • Updated Skip Tutorial With A Better Method
  • Weapon Editor Tuneup (Fixed Presets, Random Crashes Etc)
  • Many other code optimizations and fixes.
  • Updated tool to work with latest GTA Update. (Title update: 1.26 / Online version 1.27)
  • Added fully customizable outfit editor.
  • Clothes stealer
  • Outfit Presets
  • Improved prop editor.
  • Ability to save custom Outfits/Props combinations
  • Improved NextGen unlocks(halloween and other not available on ps3)
  • Crew rank editor
  • Garage transfer Next Gen vehicles for recoveries
  • Vehicle godmode fixed
  • Bullshark Testosterone Enabler
  • Instant off the radar
  • Added custom model changer
  • Developer Mode
  • Fake leave/ Join back Lobby
  • Delete object gun
  • Delete Peds/Vehicles gun
  • Control Peds from the streets
  • Crew name/tag Changer
  • More options for name changer
  • Improved Modded stats
  • Fixed garbled text for long messages
  • Racing stats edit
  • Deathmatch stats edit
  • Script Loader
  • Globals Editor
  • More Custom Vehicles
  • Attack player with Lazer/buzzard/hydra now spawns them in the air
  • Added all scenarios for you and spawned peds
  • Many, many internal fixes, improvements and stability fixes.
  • Fixed Issues WIth Handling & Weapons Editor Some People Had
  • Fixed GUI issue for people on non English version of Windows
  • Other Small internal Additions/Fixes
  • Added Ill Gotten Gains Part 1/2 DLC Vehicles/Weapon/Clothing/Tattoos etc.
  • Updated Off The Radar
  • Name changer shown to others + colors
  • Updated Tunables
  • Added custom tunables editor
  • Updated & Improved Weapons Editor
  • Fixed and Improved Bodyguards (They follow you everywhere now and shoot people you're shooting at)
  • Improvements/New options in Clients & Vehicles tab
  • Updated Handling and Fixed reading of Flags etc
  • Fixed Trophies Unlock (100% trophies)
  • You can now set any Rank 1-8000 (although we do not recommend setting your rank over 120! )
  • Updated Unlock clothing/tattoos
  • Updated DLC content unlocks
  • Fixed fireworks not giving all types
  • Added ability to control Clones like you could Spawned Peds
  • Added super punch
  • Added police uniform
  • Replaced RTM teleport with Teleport last used vehicle to you (yours or selected players)
  • Internal Fixes
  • Integrated mod menu with the tool
  • Improved stats editor
  • Fixed Unlock all clothing
  • All award unlocks
  • Custom tow row
  • All snacks
  • Quick refresh vehicle
  • Detach Object by Model Name
  • Added Heist unlocks (all heist vehicles)
  • Added Off the Radar
  • Added sending Ingame text messages to other players
  • Added heist vehicles to handling editor + fixed other DLC vehicles
  • Added all DLC weapons to Weapons editor
  • Added 1 Click "Perfect Recovery" for people doing recoveries (need to select player 1/player 2)
  • Added/Improved many account options including Trophy unlocks/Badsport removal/Skip tutorial/weapon unlocks etc..
  • Unlock clothing now unlocks every piece of clothing available in the game (inc. all dlc clothes, beerhats, heist clothes etc..)
  • Improved Visible Cars spawner
  • Improved NPC spawner
  • Other internal fixes/upgrades
  • Fixed A Lot Of Bugs
  • Improved Stabillity Of New Options
  • 100\'s Of Anims You Can Use On Yourself Or Spawned Peds
  • Attachable Big Ass Rifle To Hand
  • Custom Vehicles (Rocket Truck, Sofa Car And Low Quality Vehicle)
  • Attachable Spawned Ped To A Player
  • Unlock Clothing
  • Vehicles Spawned Automatically Have Godmode
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Fixed Rotation Issue On Map Creator
  • Upgraded the Login System.
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations.
  • Attach\\Detach To Players
  • Attach\\Detach Vehicle To Player
  • Portable Radio
  • Visible Vehicle Spawner
  • Vehicle Rockets
  • Shoot A Choosen Bullet From Vehicle
  • Crazy Cars
  • Attach\\detach Objects To Player\\Self
  • Shoot A Chosen Bullet At Selected Player From Yourself
  • Zombieland
  • Map Creator
  • Delete Sea
  • Ocean Editor
  • Replaced Rtm with Native Model Changer
  • Spawnable Peds
  • Movement Editor
  • Petrol Trolley
  • Spawn Bodyguard
  • Clone Ped
  • Catapault Vehicle
  • Car Neons
  • Added Weapon Editor
  • Clear Reports
  • Show Reports
  • Fixed K/D Crash
  • Separated rank editor for first and second char
  • Reset Character Appearance
  • Improved Custom Stats
  • Fixed handling and added all vehicles to date
  • Fixed model changer for all chars
  • Improved binds
  • Improved Remove Bad Sport & Free Shopping
  • Other internal fixes
  • Fixed Christmas Snow
  • Fixed Tool Binds
  • Fixed Christmas 1 DLC Enable
  • Fixed Valentines DLC Enable
  • Fixed Independance Day DLC Enable
  • Added New Christmas 2 DLC Enable (Pickup Snowballs, Snow etc)
  • Added New Christmas 2 Gift (Stocking Mask)
  • Fixed No Idle Kick
  • Fixed Garage Editor Completely.
  • Fixed Take Money
  • Fixed No Fall Off Bike
  • Fixed Kick Player
  • Added Invite Player
  • Teleporting Improved
  • Bind Boost R1+R3
  • Bind Instant Stop R1 + X
  • Handcuffs fixed
  • Fixed All Players (Client Options)
  • Full Handling Fixed
  • Updated to GTA Title Update 1.19
  • Choice of Godmode (RPC or RTM)
  • Fixed No Ragdoll
  • Take Selected Weapon
  • Tyre Smoke
  • Helicopter Spotlight
  • Headlight Intensity
  • Lock Doors Toggle
  • Invisible car
  • Name changer
  • No Fall Of Bike Fix
  • Free shopping Added
  • Splash Screen Not Always On Top
  • Special Weapon Bug Fix
  • General Bugs
  • Admin Control Panel Improvments
  • Fixed Force Close When Money Types Not Selected
  • Added Rainbow Car
  • Added Rainbow Smoke
  • Fixed some all players options
  • Refreshing Issues Fixed
  • Auto Refresh Tick Box
  • Added Handcuffs
  • Added 5million & 10 Million To Drop Down Options
  • Added Full Vehicle Handling Editor Tab
  • Added Snowballs, Proximity Mines And Homing Launcher
  • Added Garage Editor
  • Fixed True Godmode
  • Fixed Message Of The Day
  • RTM/RPC Tool Released!
  • Fixed Object Spawner Closing Tool
  • Added player kill lobby
  • Bind Boost Notification Fixed
  • Added No Fall Off Bike
  • Fixed Lag Issues
  • Headlight Colours
  • Flying Car
  • Player Items Menu (Beer Hats, Dunce Cap etc)
  • First Person View (Vehicle)
  • All Vehicles Menu (Drift Cars, Low Traction, Low Suspension)
  • Hud Colour Menu (Money, Bank, Main Theme)
  • Christmas Snow Weather Fixed
  • Remove Bad Sport
  • Enable Christmas DLC Content
  • Enable Independence Day DLC Content
  • Enable Valentines Day DLC Content
  • Upgrade Other Peoples Vehicles
  • Downgrade Other Peoples Vehicles
  • Lock Other People Inside There Vehicle
  • Break Other Peoples Vehicle engine
  • Fixed Model Changer So It Should Always Be Found
  • Added Random Coloured Headlights
  • BLUS Money Fixed
  • Vehicle Godmode (Visible Damage Off)
  • BLUS Support Added!
  • RPC Updated! (Less Chance Of Freeze)
  • Re-Update Menu If Text Has Disappeared
  • Change CID
  • Option To Automatically Connect, Change CID, Enable Notifications
  • Teleport All Players In Vehicle To Me
  • Drop 1 Million changed to Drop $10,000 due to freezing issues.
  • Vehicle Godmode (On/Off)
  • Fix Car Works Better
  • Added Gold Preset Colour
  • Reverse Boost
  • Model Changer Should Now Always Work
  • Ped Variation Works Better, Allows you to use invisible models like Chop and Mt Lion
  • Godmode can now be turned Off for player.
  • No Idle Kick
  • Ramp In Spawn Objects
  • Teleport Option (RTM or RPC)
  • Teleport To Maze Bank
  • Teleport To UFO Zancudo
  • Teleport To Trevors Airfield Fixed
  • Unlimited Ammo Account Stick
  • Custom Fireworks In Inventory
  • Custom Armour In Inventory
  • Change Rank now requires the Rank Number, Not RP Required.
  • Rank is no longer an award, and is given instantly.
  • Unlock All Reduced Freezing
  • Unlock Event Shirts
  • Spawn Random Vehicle
  • Reduced Freezing massively!
  • Auto update Feature
  • Vehicle Gravity
  • Stats for player 1 and player 2
  • Teleport Player To Me If They\'re In A Vehicle
  • Move Object + Rotate after spawn GUI. (Build Massive Ramps etc)
  • Elastic Band
  • Weather Menu (Snow, Sunny, Rain, Thunder etc)
  • Free Shopping Fixed
  • Patriot Smoke Colour Added
  • Turbo Fixed
  • Xenon Lights Fixed
  • Updated to a better RPC (Even less chance of freezes now)
  • Fixed True Godmode
  • Money rain drops $2,000
  • Added Teleport To North Yankton
  • Fixed Connection Issues
  • Added Object Pickups (Health/Armour/Parachute/Spanner(wrench)/Car Armour Drop)
  • No Collide (Fly through buildings)
  • Drift Car
  • Custom Snacks
  • Custom Smokes
  • Clear Reports

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