By creating an account on LastTeamStanding you agree to the following terms.

  1. We have the right to revoke your access to the website and/or your account for any of the following reasons.
    • You have/or use any modified files in conjunction with LastTeamStanding.
    • You have attempted to crack LastTeamStanding in any way possible.
    • You have posted any file or part of code from any LastTeamStanding product anywhere on the internet.
    • You have shared/re-sold your license to another person or you have been using multiple computer systems. Only the original account owner can use their redeemed LTS products.
    • You have been disrespecting any of the staff via any form of communication on site and off site.
    • You have attempted to find vulnerabilities in the website or any of LastTeamStanding products.
  2. We will choose if and when we update our products and we are determined to keep on updating and improving our software, however it is not guaranteed to last forever.
  3. The LastTeamStanding Real Time Modding software runs on your PC and sends data over the network, therefore if you have low LAN network speed especially on WiFi you may notice latency issues. You can over-come this by using an Ethernet wire directly from your PC to your console which will drastically improve speeds.
  4. Due to the continual updating and improvements of our software, you may encounter bugs or encounter your console freezing with the new features irregularly. Therefore if you want to avoid the possibilities of this we would recommend you do not use the new features until the bugs and issues have been fully fixed. We may not be aware of the said issues with any options, so make sure you report them to the Developers.


Due to the software being an intangible item, it does not fall into the refund policy, and there will be no refunds ever made, especially if the product code was redeemed, and the product used, unless there is an acceptable reason which is agreed upon by LastTeamStanding. If you do have an acceptable reason for a dispute ensure you open a support ticket instead of disputing. Disputing will result in the termination of access to your LastTeamStanding account, and all products redeemed on it.


Community Chat purpose is to provide the ability for LTS users to stay in touch with each other, while offering possible guidance and solutions for issues other users may experience. Keep in mind that public chat access is a privilege, not a right, so follow the rules and be nice to other members. LTS Administrators take no responsibility for anything being said by other participants in the public chat.
Users need to abide by the following chat rules:

  • No advertising or selling any products of any kind.
  • No spamming or posting any trolling links.
  • No abuse of any kind toward other users, and especially staff members.
  • Do not argue with the staff members, and if warned, stop with your activity.
  • Anything not mentioned here, but deemed by staff members as unacceptable.
Failing to follow these rules will result in a warning, timed Chat Ban, and possible Account Ban, depending on your infraction.

We reserve the right to change and update these Terms and Conditions at any point in time.

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Last updated: 28th February 2015.