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You can see the products we sell here, all tools come with lifetime updates and support as well.
If you are already a RPC/RTM Tool user for GTA V you will get the GTA V SPRX for a discounted price at !


    £19.99 (GBP) $29.99 (USD)
    • Jailbroken PS3 Required: Yes
    • CEX Supported: Yes
    • DEX Supported: Yes
    • BLES Supported: Yes
    • BLUS Supported: Yes
    • CCAPI Supported: Yes
    • TMAPI Supported: Yes
  • GTA V LTS SPRX Mod Menu

    £14.99 (GBP) $19.99 (USD)
    • Jailbroken PS3 Required: Yes
    • CEX Supported: No
    • DEX Supported: Yes
    • BLES Supported: Yes
    • BLUS Supported: Yes
    • CCAPI Supported: N/A
    • TMAPI Supported: N/A
  • FIFA 15 & FIFA 16 Team Editor

    £9.99 (GBP) $14.99 (USD)
    • Jailbroken PS3 Required: Yes
    • CEX Supported: Yes
    • DEX Supported: Yes
    • BLES Supported: Yes
    • BLUS Supported: Yes
    • CCAPI Supported: Yes
    • TMAPI Supported: Yes

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  1. Add an exception in your antivirus and firewall.
  2. Run as admin and Disable UAC.
  3. Remove PS3Lib.dll and CCAPI.dll from the main folder, Then go to the folder 250 if you are using ccapi 2.50, or go to the folder 260 if you are using ccapi 2.60. Copy the files inside that folder, and paste them into the main program folder, if it asks you to overwrite the files just say yes.
Note: People have issues adding an exception with Norton and Mcafee so if you cannot add an exception with them, uninstall them and install an alternative antivirus such as AVG. You may also need to add an exception to C:\ProgramData\Nimoru which is part of the NetSeal licensing system.

Open and edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Then add the following at the END of the file. #Pastebin pastebin.com

Disable or add an exception for the LTS folder in your antivirus and Windows Defender.
How to add an exception to;

If you are trying to connect with TMAPI make sure you have a debug eboot in your /dev_hdd0/game/BLES01807/USRDIR folder. Also check that the debug settings are correctly set up for attaching with Target Manager.

Check your CCAPI and TMAPI setup to make sure they will connect and attach correctly, and make sure you are using the correct PS3lib.dll for the CCAPI installed on your PC.

This means you are either using an old eboot/modded eboot from a previous version compared to which LTS supports, or you are selecting the wrong region when connecting. If there was a GTA Update recently, make sure it says Supported version (Current version number) on top before connecting.

Go to Control Panel > Region Settings > Format English (US)

Your license was locked because either you used the tool on another PC, your public IP changed to frequently, or your HardwareID changed. If you have a valid reason for getting locked out, submit a ticket with the option License Locked, and tell us why your license is locked in the information box provided.

Your license was automatically banned because you used a modified/unofficial PS3lib.dll and/or CCAPI.dll. If you have a valid reason for getting banned, submit a ticket with the License Banned option, and add the valid information including a download link to the PS3Lib which got you banned. Click here for more info. Tickets without the download links for the file(s) in question (PS3lib.dll and/or CCAPI.dll) will be ignored.

  • Debug GTA EBOOT (For the correct region BLES or BLUS) at the correct version
  • Wired (LAN) connection from PS3 to PC (Wireless is possible but more complex)
  • ProDG installed and configured
  • PS3 configured properly for TMAPI (Debug settings)
  • To properly configure your systems for TMAPI, follow steps 2 and 3 here

This program has heavy security with various checks and other multiple things during the opening to prevent people cracking it. However this does lead to opening the program taking a long time and it will use a lot of processing power during the process. You can increase the speed the tool takes to load by opening Task Manager > Details > Right Click GTA V, Set Priority > Real Time. The speed it will take depends on your processor speed.

You can have two players online on GTA, so make sure when doing an account you select the correct player for the stats to work.

  • Before submitting a ticket for this issue, make sure to check the Spam/Junk folder of your email. Search for email from PayIvy.
  • If you provided a delivery email different from your PayPal email here:

  • Download link will be sent there.
    If you still can't find it, submit a ticket and make sure you provide us with your PayPal email, and the delivery email you entered. (If it's different than your PayPal email).

  • If you are on CEX, you don't need an EBOOT, there isn't an "anti ban" EBOOT. You are safest on an original EBOOT, unless you are on a DEX firmware, then you need an debug EBOOT to run the game.
  • First make sure you are on a DEX firmware, then make sure you copied LTS_Settings.ini, LTS_Maps folder, and LTS_BLES.sprx ( Full menu from BLES folder), to dev_hdd0/tmp.

  • Then copy EBOOT.bin from BLES folder to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01807/USRDIR and replace the existing one.
    (If you are on BLUS, use the LTS_BLUS.sprx from BLUS/Full Menu folder, and copy EBOOT.bin from BLUS folder to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31156/USRDIR and replace the existing one.

  • Even though we don't recommend it for stability issues, you can use a Script bypass EBOOT if you are on the BLES version.

  • Make sure your EBOOT.bin has sprx loader first and that you know the name of the sprx file (Check NGU for script bypass, and usual names are GTA.sprx or GTAMenu.sprx), then replace that EBOOT in dev_hdd0/game/BLES01807/USRDIR . Then rename the LTS_BLES.sprx to whatever your script bypass EBOOT is set up to load ( GTA.sprx or GTAMenu.sprx etc). EBOOT has to be for GTA 1.26.

  • If you have issues with infinite loading, not being able to join friends, incompatible assets etc.. You need to use the original files, you cannot use scripts without a script bypass EBOOT and it has nothing to do with LTS. It doesn't matter what eboot you use, as long as its a debug 1.26 eboot, with blackscreen fixed, and SPRX renamed. The safest way is to update to 1.26, use eboot that comes with LTS SPRX, that loads LTS_BLES.sprx, and use original update.rpf (click to DL).

  • Or get script bypass EBOOT from NGU and follow the previous FAQ entry